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Have you met the Warm Hands Ravelry group?

August 11, 2012

I am thrilled at the Resurrection of the Warm Hands knitalong and more so by the enthusiastic embrace by many a knitter. I welcome each and every person who has joined the group.

I have set up a Ravelry group, if you haven’t already and are interested, join there too. We are a bit scattered with a Ravelry  and Facebook presence but it’s all good to me. As long as we are knitting mittens, I am glad to read about it on any platform!

Happy MItten knitting! My mitten queue  is getting long, there are so many wonderful choices!



January 15, 2008

A few better pictures of the Bird in Hand mittens

Those of you familiar with the pattern may noticed that I put the thumbs on backwards; I still think they came out well.

Some finished things……

December 31, 2007

Mittens for a swap -unblocked at the time of photo

This pic is blurry – I promise once they are blocked I will take better pix.

made with Crystal Palace Taos,  black GGH washable merino and black Mission Falls (the Mission Falls is a heavier yarn, so that’s up above the thumb on both mittens.  Pattern is Bird in Hand by Kate Gilbert.

And 3 pair for the Soaring Eagles project

Also used Sivia Harding’s mitten pattern mostly.   The blue green variegated pair in the middle is an all-rib mitten; I like to do that when I am unsure of sizing.

Mittens for Mom

December 23, 2007

So this year, my Mom requested mittens instead of socks for her holidays.  Her birthday is also in December.

Other than one pair of fingerless mitts I sent, the rest were mittens.

These are Selbuvotter made out of Dale of Norway Falk.

NHM#9 Front

Back of NHM #9

These are just a plain pair with some stylized embroidery.  I was thinking these woud be Peekaboo mittens, but I didn’t like how they worked, so I frogged and just did some plain ones.  Made out of Lambs Pride Worsted.

Plain Mittens

These are the Cozy Cable mitts out of handspun.  This pattern has an error in it.  It was reported on Ravelry and hopefully it’s fixed now.

Cozy Cable Mitts

Happy Knitting –

~ Madame Purl

I finished these a couple of weeks ago for a swap….

November 5, 2007

Y’all have probably already seen them already, but just in case you haven’t:

Made out of Rowan 4 ply, inspired by a Dale of Norway kids’ sweater pattern.  Colors are not quite accurate in the pictures; the colors are more golden or autumn-y in real life.

I hope you like them!