Done and Mailed!

My sister-in-law asked me last year when I gave her some Selbu baby socks for her newborn to make her mittens. I started these before Christmas (among other things that needed finishing for Christmas) and then had to rip one of them almost completely out… so I was planning to send them to Iceland for her January birthday and pretty much just made the deadline (OK, so we mailed them a BIT close to her birthday):

Selbuvotter front

Selbuvotter back

What a relief! Now I am going to make myself some mittens, either finish an old WIP (I really should) or start some of the patterned mittens from the backissues of Hugur og Hönd (an Icelandic handcraft guild yearly publication) that my mother-in-law gave me for Christmas.

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One Comment on “Done and Mailed!”

  1. Liisu Says:

    WOW! I must say these are one beautiful mittens!
    Can you share your pattern?
    I’m really like.. WOW!

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