Are we getting started yet?

I am curious….. Even here in Alabama the weather is getting cooler and my thoughts turn to mittens (and socks). I have to be careful not to spend so much time designing new things that I never get anything finished.

I have several things started and I am part of a couple of mittenswaps. I’ve never done it before and it is serious fun!

One is over at LiveJournal . What a lovely group! It’s closed to new swappers, but I’m pretty sure it will happen again. You can see the pictures and read the posts here.

There’s another one happening that’s open ( it’s international too) . It’s the “No More Humdrum Mittens” swap, and there are a good number of links to various groovy mitten patterns. I hope lots of you join this one; I’d love to swap some mittens with someone here!

These are three mittens that I’m working on right now.  All are made with various weights of Rowan Cashsoft (and a few other scraps here and there).

I cannot hardly wait to see what others are working on!


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