Summer is almost over! MITTEN TIME!

It’s almost the end of July. You know what that means? Mitten weather is coming soon and I’m sure that you know someone who could use a mitten or two!
I have so many mittens planned in my head, I couldn’t  LIVE that long!
How about you? Ready to knit mittens?

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16 Comments on “Summer is almost over! MITTEN TIME!”

  1. Jan Says:

    I started a pair this week and they are really the perfect summer knitting. I can’t believe that after several years of trying to catch up here, I’m actually ahead of the curve now!

  2. Erica Says:

    I’m ready! Right after I finish up the hats.

  3. Jane Says:

    I have plans, too! Anne Hanson’s Delicato mitts, for starters…

  4. Cookie Says:

    Bless your little mitten knittin’ heart.

    I am thinking mittens while knitting way too many socks. Does that count? After all, socks are just mittens without thumbs.


  5. Lolly Says:

    I am working on some mittens now – we must be on the same page 🙂

  6. Margot Says:

    Ready! Missed out last year – love to join in this time. The hard part will be narrowing down all my choices!

  7. kuka Says:

    oooooh I’d love to join – I’m a “chain”-mitten-knitter all year round and by the time i finish the rib on one I have at least 17 more bouncing around in my brain!!

  8. Kathleen Says:

    Indeed, Indeed. MS3 is kicking me hard. Mittens will be a welcome diversion!

  9. Dava Says:

    I’m on a kick to make mass quantities of fingerless gloves as gifts this winter–working on pair #1 right now–On Line Supersocke 100 on #1’s–love them tiny stitches!

  10. Maureen Says:

    I am always up for a good mitten. I actually have been working on them through the summer. I have a cable mitten I want to start.

  11. Helen Says:

    Am I too late to sign up for a mitten swap/knitalong?

  12. Marisol Says:

    Yes I know I have a pair of mittens that I started and one that I want to make for my little boy this winter. Soon, very soon:)

  13. helenkosings Says:

    You can see one of a pair of mittens I’m working on right now on my blog.

  14. helenkosings Says:

    Whoops! forgot to put the link in. Sorry.

  15. rmcfarland Says:

    I need to start Selbu mittens for my sister-in-law, and I keep seeing Lucy Neatby’s Paradoxical Mittens around, they are intriguing me.

    If anyone is interested, an acquaintance of mine is running a mitten swap this fall:

  16. Ina Says:

    It still feels like August here in NJ, but I’m thinking, “MITTENS!”

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