Last mittens for the season?

I have finished the Seiskari mittens, just in time for a cold peak. Weather prognosis is talking for a warmer period to come, but right now are as well mittens as hats still needed. Here are the specifics:

Pattern: Seiskari mitten, traditional colour pattern, mitten pattern my own.
Yarn: Isager Tvinni, about 57 grams for teenaged boy hand.
Needles: 2mm dpns.
More: 80 stitches for the rib, 84 stitches for the hand.



The top of the mitten is bound off with a three stitches band decrease, that is two normal decreases with a stitch in between. When all three (the right slanting decrease, the middle stitch and the left slanting decrease) are all knitted in the same colour it will look like a three stitches wide band. The thumb has a one stitch decrease, that is one stitch from the left side and one stitch from the right side is decreased at the same time under the middle stitch, which will form an on-stitch band up along the side of the thumb.

There is a slight risk this will be my last pair of mittens for this season. I’m working on a spring cardigan, and eagerly waiting for yarns I have ordered for a biggish sweater project.

More pictures of the Seiskari mittens and my other projects on my blog The Yarn Nest. And I have put up a gallery with all my Finnish mittens collected in one place, there is a link in the sidebar. There is also a link to all the teddy clothes I have knitted and sewn during the last three years.

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2 Comments on “Last mittens for the season?”

  1. tiennie Says:

    Those are very pretty! Great color combo!

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