I’m In!

I’ve been knitting mittens since the first of December and this is my first post. 

P1010135 These are my fourth pair of Fiesta Mittens this season.  However, this pair is mine.  The first pair went to my MIL, the second pair went to Fairy Godmother  and the third pair to a co-worker.

Lest I forget, there were two additional pairs; Pirate mittens and fingerless gloves.  Sheesh, six pairs of mittens meant I’ve only finished two pair of socks in that past two months.  With the chill in the air of WI, I think mittens may be around for awhile!

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3 Comments on “I’m In!”

  1. tiennie Says:

    Wow! You are a mitten knitting machine! Those are awesome.

  2. Pat Says:

    I’ve made the Fiesta Socks, but not the mitts – those are so cool (warm)! I think I need that pattern!

  3. Sandy Says:

    You are the MITTEN QUEEN! I wonder how I missed this entry with these beautiful mittens. I am so glad that you are getting this pair. Enjoy them and your WARM HANDS! 🙂

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