Knitter Craving Fingers

Fern Lace Fingerless GlovesSince the beginning of the year I’ve made 2 pairs of fingerless gloves. The first, made out of Lanaknits Cashmere Canapa in the Fern Lace pattern was for me. I wore them today since it finally got cold and I was surprised by how warm they are.  The yarn is a cotton-hemp-cashmere blend but it’s mostly cotton.

My next project was also a pair of fingerless gloves but these aren’t from a set pattern.  If you want the details then you can ckeck out my blog here.Dedos en Fuego

These were for my younger daughter who is a firey redhead who loves flame motifs.  At one point she even wanted us to call her Flames.  I finished these last night and she wore them to school today.  I’m not sure that she’ll ever take them off!

As much as I love making fingerless gloves I really want to move on to mittens.  I have Eunny’s Anemoi pattern and Tiffany from Knitty at home and I’m not sure which one to make first.  Unfortunately they’ll have to wait just a little bit because my other daughter needs fingerless gloves first.

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3 Comments on “Knitter Craving Fingers”

  1. tiennie Says:

    Those flames are awesome! Great job on both pairs!

  2. Macarena Says:

    Are you saying you designed those flame mitts yourself!? Wow!

  3. MissyJoon Says:

    I love both of these mitts!!!

    I hate to post this comment, but I am having a problem posting to the blog—can someone help! I have 2 pairs of gloves on my blog which I would love to post here! Thanks!

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