Fuzzy Monkey Mittens

My sweet daughter, more affectionately known as “the monkey” asked for hand-knit hat and mittens from me this year for Christmas. Well, of course I had to oblige. I wanted something extra warm so I decided to felt them. I used some ideas from this book as a spring board. I used a very basic adult knitting pattern I found on the web a few years ago and just knit them on size 10 1/2 needles.


And then, into the washing machine with 3 pairs of jeans and a squirt of Dawn…


After felting, I picked up the wrist stitches (make sure you pick up the wrist stitches with a cotton yarn before felting that way you still HAVE wrist stitches) and knit with two strands held together. Nice stretchy wrists. Ta Dah!


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6 Comments on “Fuzzy Monkey Mittens”

  1. Oh yes, one more thing, turn them inside out and brush the inside of the mitten with a bristle hair brush until you get a nice soft halo. Makes for extra warm and fuzzy mittens.

  2. patknits Says:

    What a great idea – adding the cuffs after felting…. beautiful felted mittens with nice tight cuffs! Gorgeous yarn too!

  3. Ina Says:

    Great mittens – love the afterthought cuffs and fulled insides! Must try that myself.

  4. Sandy Says:

    What a great idea! LOVE THEM! Warm hands for Monkey!

  5. Maureen Says:

    Very nice mittens….these have been on my list of things to knit from that book. I have made several of the felted hat patterns. They have a nice shape to them. I love the yarn too.

  6. tiennie Says:

    Looks so comfy! Great idea on the cuffs!

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