My first twined (two-end) mitten

Hi, I am happy to join you mittenknitters, I am hoping to work on a few mitten project this winter. I have been learning the twined/two-end knitting technique (tvåändssticktat), I wrote a little more about it at my blog. I made a minor error with casting on, but I figure it gives my mittens character, they are for myself anyhow.


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5 Comments on “My first twined (two-end) mitten”

  1. Vanessa Says:

    Absolutely beautiful. This is the first time I have seen mittens done in white. Gorgeous!
    Vanessa in Upstate NY

  2. normaknits Says:

    Oh, my! That is TRUE MITTEN GOODNESS. Beautiful!

  3. Sandy Says:

    Just beautiful, Rebecca and something I have been itching to learn! Great job! Very inspiring!

  4. Sandy Says:

    Oh, and….
    Please go to USERS and then YOUR PROFILE and make sure that the FIRST NAME is filled in with the name you want to be visible when you post. Nickname here has no meaning, for some reason!

  5. kimberlytgf Says:

    Those are soo pretty. I love the design on the rib. Did you use a pattern?? Great job.

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