Okay, I’ll admit it right now. This is laying the needles on the table and stating the facts…..I am not computer savy. After posting here the first time I lost all the information Sandy had given me and could not post again. I had to ask for help.

And I’m afraid to say, it just may happen again.

Anyway! Onward and knitward! I’ve updated the Knitmittens blog. There’s a cute photo of some of us in the Annapolis Knits & Crochet group. Of course all was willing to show their work but not their faces. So a compromise was made.

Go check out Kathy’s mittens. They are a work of art and really warm too. And maybe by the time you read this there will be another update too!

back to those kneedles…the Holidays are right around the corner and people need Warm Hands!!



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2 Comments on “wheeeeeeee!”

  1. Sandy Says:

    I LOVE your mitten blog, Genia! And I’ll give you the info ANY time you need!
    Please go to USERS and then YOUR PROFILE and make sure that the FIRST NAME is filled in with the name you want to be visible when you post. Nickname here has no meaning, for some reason!

  2. geniap Says:

    Thanks Sandy! It’s been done.

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