It Snowed Today, Which Reminded Me….

It’s bleepin’ cold out there. (In light of my post in my blog today, I am being very careful to make this a g-rated entry for all involved. Don’t go over there. I’m warning you.)

Okay, where was I? Oh, yeah. There’s been like a 60-degree drop in temps in the last 48 hours. A slight exaggeration, but only just. And it was spitting snow here.

It reminded me to tell you Warm Hands folks that I did a little cheaty kind of mitten. They are recycled from an old Aran sweater, and I think they came out really nice. You can read all about it here. Here’s a sort of blurry photo of the finished pair. I apologize about the blurriness. pink-mittens.jpg

Well, isn’t that special? I uploaded my first photo here in this blog. There’ll be no stopping me now! I made these for the Hearts to Hands Project.

I dyed and started hand-stitching the second pair using a blanket stitch on the edges, and I’m not so sure I love the result. I am going to finish them, however, as I know they will be appreciated by someone in Mongolia, for sure.  They have a certain charm to them.

Now, as regards my OWN cold hands, I’m half finished my stripey Green Mountain Mohair mittens, and I’m pretty excited about them. They are going to be so warm and fun, fun, fun!

Updates to come.

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One Comment on “It Snowed Today, Which Reminded Me….”

  1. Sandy Says:

    IT SNOWED???? Lucky.
    Well. Isn’t that special??
    Love those mittens. The embroidered cuff makes it! And I was wrong about the thumb gusset. I gladly eat my hat, er, mittens over that one.
    I cannot wait to see your stripey mitttens. Mine sit in a forgotten heap. Sigh.

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