Warm Hands For Husband


I had some trouble with the photos, so I hope this works. Anyway, here are a pair of the men’s wrist warmers from Last Minute Knitted Gifts, knit up in Noro Cash Iroha. They’re a Christmas gift for the husband, so I haven’t said a word about them on my own blog. They were a snap to make — I whipped them up over the course of a couple of evenings. I used exactly one hank of Cash Iroha (which is dream to knit with — as long as it doesn’t break), but I think the second one could have used another row, since it might be a hair smaller than the other one. Oh well. I’m currently knitting up a second pair — the women’s version — in the same yarn.

I really like these. I hate driving with mittens, so I think they’ll come in handy over the winter.

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2 Comments on “Warm Hands For Husband”

  1. Sandy Says:

    They are lovely! And we get the scoop! Never before seen!
    Welcome to the Warm Hands group! I hope you post often!

  2. Sandy Says:

    Oh, and….
    Please go to USERS and then YOUR PROFILE and make sure that the FIRST NAME is filled in with the name you want to be visible when you post. Nickname here has no meaning, for some reason!

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