First post – Fetching

Greetings! I’m cheating a bit because I made these before I joined the blog, but here is my first pair of gloves this winter:


I’m not seeing my photo in this post so I hope this works. If not, here is the link:

Next up: a pair of mittens for my three year-old.

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2 Comments on “First post – Fetching”

  1. Sandy Says:

    I don’t see the uploaded picture in the UPLOADS section. First you scroll to the bottom of the WRITE POST page, hit BROWSE and choose your photo and UPLOAD IT. THEN, you have to click the little TREE ICON on the top toolbar of the post (It says INSERT/EDIT IMAGE when you hover your mouse over it) then you insert here the address that you copied from the upload previous.
    It really IS easy.
    Also, while I’m being techical,
    please go to MY ACCOUNT
    and FILL IN FIRST NAME. This will fill in the author name on your post. Nickname does not fill in this info for some reason.

  2. Kathy Johns Says:

    Google is the best search engine

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