My First Fingerless Gloves

They’re done, my first pair of fingerless gloves. The yarn, Koigu Kersti, is great stuff. The color number is illegible, having been hand written. There are a combination of hieroglyphs that look similar to either a “K” or “1 L”. Things like that. Each glove took almost the entire skein. There’s one more skein left, and it’s debatable if that will be enough for a hat.

The pattern? Heh heh, my own. And, no, it’s not written down. I cast on 54 stitches stitches in a K1P1 ribbing. Switched to stst, and then did the thumb gusset thingy. Went to the the finger area, and figured that 54 stitches divided by four fingers (because, remember, the thumb is done already) would give me three fingers at 14 and the pinky with 12. (Don’t get the calculator now. Trust me, it really does add up!) And I added a couple of extra stitches on each finger.

There were two problems. The first was the bind off on one of the fingers. I knit tightly, and the index finger on one needs stretching out. The other thing is that wrinkle/bulge/pucker at the wrist. Not sure what happened there. Maybe I should have done more ribbing on the back of the hand or something. And I WILL wear them.

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6 Comments on “My First Fingerless Gloves”

  1. Angelika Says:

    Cool cloves. I love the way the colors slowly turn and the fact that you can still knit and wear them at the same time! That was the whole point to those fingerless gloves, right?

  2. Sandy Says:

    Just wonderful, Dave! Perhaps your wrist is all old and wrinkly. Or not!

  3. Erica Says:

    I love the colors! They are sure to brighten the dreariest of days:)

  4. Viv Says:

    Beautiful and inspiring!

  5. jonimiles Says:

    They look awesome! I don’t think the thing at the wrist is such a problem–if you look at your bare wrist as you bend it and move your hand around, even your skin does that so I don’t quite see how you could totally avoid it with a glove.

  6. Lucette Says:

    The colours are just stunning Dave. You have done a wonderful job and your gloves fit very nicely. You have inspired me to give it a try, I have made a lot of mitts but never gloves so here goes.

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