New pair of mittens on the needles

hpim7292.JPGI have started a new pair of mittens, this time for my younger son, who is in dire need of new mittens. You can see in what state his Marko’s mittens from Folk knitting in Estonia are, if you take a peak on my blog. The new pair is from Eeva Haavisto’s book Sata kansanomaista kuviokudinmallia, a Finnish book publish in the 1940’s, and darn hard to find for sale. The pattern is from the south of Finland, but is of a model that I think was very common in a much wider area, in the south of Finland, in Estonia and in Sweden. It’s easy to remember and in that sense mindless. My son did himself pick the yarn and the pattern, and the funny thing is that when I in August in Copenhagen bought the yarn he chose I bought it with mittens for him in mind, but I never told him about. And then he chose the same yarn. The yarn is a Danish yarn, Isager Tvinni, a soft wonderful 2 ply 100 % merino yarn.

I’ll try to add a picture, let’s see if I will have success. But this picture and more pictures and details are to be seen on my blog, The yarn nest

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One Comment on “New pair of mittens on the needles”

  1. Sandy Says:

    PHEW! A post complete with pictures! It can be done! Thanks for sharing with us, Maud. your mittens are works of art and inspire me greatly!

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