Well, well, San, your new digs look very fancy!  Here, I brought you a casserole and some homemade jam.

And that’s not all.  I started a new mitten.  See?  (well, you will have to wait to see, because I cannot figure out how to upload an image here.  It asks for the URL, but eww, how am I supposed to know that?  Does it mean I need an external photo host? I dunno.  I only know how to do it in Typepad, which has “browse” feature and finds it for me in my documents. I love my Typepad.  When people diss it, I get all protective.  Hee)

Anyway, this is not about me, it’s about your new mitten home!  It’s about mittens, and about MY new mitten.  MY new mitten is very cool.  It’s all fraternal, just as you asked.  Aren’t I the brave one?

Oh.  Sorry.  There I go again.  Yeah.  NICE NEW DIGS, SANDY!!!  A nice new home for the warm hands.

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2 Comments on “Housewarming”

  1. sanhurl Says:

    Welcome Norma, the jam, casserole and the fraternal mittens! Hmm. We’ll have to figure out this picture thing together! Thanks for playing along!!

  2. Cookie Says:

    How the hell can I tell who’s posting what?

    Am I getting dumber in my old age? Shut up!

    Norma, I can host pics for you if you need it. Just lemme know!


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